Personal Care Products

Uncle Bud’s Personal Care Products

Sunburn Soother

Uncle Bud’s Sunburn Soother use the natural power of hemp oil & aloe vera to help to help aid in the relief of minor sunburn, insect burns, wind burn, & dry skin. Uncle Bud’s Sunburn Soother quick absorbing formula cools, hydrates, and soothes uncomfortable skin irritations!

Hand & Foot Cream

Uncle Bud’s Hand & Foot Cream is great for dry and cracked skin on hands & feet. Our quick-absorbing non-greasy formula is infused with hemp oil to moisturize the skin. Uncle Bud’s Hand & Foot Cream will keep the skin feeling hydrated and smooth!

Body Wash

Uncle Bud’s Body Wash is a gentle formula that makes you feel clean, smell great, and be fresh. Uncle Bud’s Body Wash uses the healing power of hemp oil & coconut oil to help relax and soothe your body. Uncle Bud’s Body Wash has the pleasant scent of coconut: Squeeze out, lather up, rinse off, & be clean!

Massage & Body Oil

Uncle Bud’s Massage & Body Oil uses the healing powers of hemp oil to help revitalize the body & moisturizes skins. Uncle Bud’s Massage & Body Oil quick-absorbing formula helps aid in the relief of sore muscles with the pleasant scent of coconut. Uncle Bud’s Massage & Body Oil will enhance a soothing & pampering massage!