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“Uncle Bud’s is the most effective, and fastest acting topic pain reliever I’ve ever used. I consistently find my pain being relieved in a few minutes and stay pain free for a few hours. Absolutely Amazing Product! Uncle Bud has become my post workout partner for life… Thanks for taking care of my joint and muscle aches/pains!”

Patrick J.

“I suffer from chronic tendonitis in both of my elbows and have tried everything from different pain creams to injections. Uncle Bud’s rub is the first cream that gave me full relief and worked almost instantly. I can’t wait for it to become available for sale and I highly recommend you try it if you suffer any chronic pain.”

Brian P, 21

“My 80 year old mother has been suffering from knee pain for years. She’s tried injections and medications but no product or procedure has worked until now. Uncle Bud’s has been a miracle creme for her. She is finally pain free and keeps asking me to get more creme.”

Debbie G, 58

“Tore ACL in July 2015, applied in area of knee that had swelling/soreness (primarily after working out in the gym or periods of extensive use or unuse of knee). Relieved pain and reduces inflammation for about 2-3 hours. Love the product”

Michael B, 19

“I had major surgery, with extreme muscle pain though out my hips, lower abs and lower back. The pain doctor put me on topical Voltran and Lidicane. This combo barely touched the pain. I started using Uncle Buds instead and my pain was eased the first time I applied it and continued to improve with each application. I can’t recommend this product enough. I can’t wait until I can purchase the full sized tubes. Uncle Buds is natural and incredible.”

Michelle Y, 58

“I injured my hamstring while exercising about 2 months ago… the soreness and achiness that followed were to be expected.. i thought that with icing and advil, the pain would subside.. it did, somewhat. A few weeks into the injury, i was given a sample of uncle bud’s. Within 20 minutes of applying the cream, the soreness was gone!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I applied every 3–4 hours… I would highly recommend uncle bud’s!!!”

Debbie P, 56

“I am an avid tennis player and have recently suffered from tennis elbow. After massages and countless Advil nothing seemed to help. After using a sample of Uncles Bud’s on my elbow and wrist I definitely found relief. Not only was I excited that it worked, but I was also happy that I was using a natural substance.”

Anne S, 50

“I have used this product and it certainly soothed my achy legs. The smell is the best! Give it a try.”

Linda L, 70

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