What are the differences between Pure CBD Oil & Hemp Seed Oil?

What are the differences between Pure CBD Oil & Hemp Seed Oil?

What are the differences between Pure CBD Oil & Hemp Seed Oil?

What are the differences between Pure CBD Oil & Hemp Seed Oil? 2048 1151 userunclebuds

At this point, you probably have heard a family member or friend talk about ‘CBD Oil’ or ‘Hemp Oil’ products. These oils can be found in a variety of products from drinks, to lotions, skin care, dog treats, cosmetics, & many other great products. Both of these hemp-derived oils have been changing lives by reducing pain, relieving stress, slowing aging skin. The list of benefits for CBD & Hemp Oil can really go on and on.

Well, you may be asking yourself:
What is the difference between CBD Oil & Hemp Oil?

Although both Pure CBD Oil & Hemp Seed oil comes from the cannabis plant, otherwise know as “HEMP”; there is some key difference between these two miracle oils:


Now that the Farm Bill of 2018 has passed it is federally legal to grow hemp in the United States. This means that any hemp-derived products, such as hemp seed oil & pure CBD oil, are now technically legal to sell & manufacturer in the United States. (Well For the most part)

CBD Oil, which has been illegal for over 50 years in the eyes of the DEA, is now federally legal. This only means that you cannot get arrested for using or buying products that have pure hemp derived CBD & contain less than .03% THC. Although it is a now legal to manufacture & extract CBD oil from industrial hemp, does not mean CBD oil is legal to sell over-the-counter just yet. The FDA has stepped in & said that CBD oil infused products may have to APPROVED by the FDA. This is because the FDA recently approved a CBD-based prescription drug for seizures.

This is not the case with Hemp seed oil – because Hemp seed oil has always been federally legal. Unlike CBD, which is derived from the stock & leaves of a hemp plant; Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of a hemp plant. Food stores & convenient stores have been selling hemp seed products for many years because deriving hemp oil from the seed of a hemp plant has ALWAYS been legal. There is ZERO THC or CBD in hemp seed oil, but it still has many natural health benefits.


CBD Oil & Hemp Oil contains many similar benefits – probably because they both come from the most versatile plant ever created: Hemp. People tend to ingest CBD oil products because CBD oil is known to help with sleep, stress, anxiety, pain reduction, & focus. Whereas, Hemp Seed Oil is best infused into topical lotions & oils that help with reducing pain, moisturizing, anti-aging, & irritated skin conditions.

Although both of these hemp oils sound like miracle cure-alls potions, it is always important to understand what you are ingesting or putting on your body. That is why it is so important to buy from trustworthy brands that only use USDA certified natural ingredients & derive their hemp oils from legal sources. Luckily – Uncle Bud’s Hemp uses USDA certified Hemp Seed Oil in all of their hemp-healthy products.

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