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Hemp & CBD Edibles, Sublinguals, & Marine Collagen

CBD Candies, Gummies, & Chewables

Uncle Bud’s CBD candies and chewables offer a sweet way to relax & calm your mind. We also have gummies to assist with sleep, mood boosting, and any other supplement needs.

CBD Edibles

CBD Sublingual

Uncle Bud’s CBD Sublingual products provide you with another way to relax or manage pain with the great benefits and flavors of elderberry and peppermint.


CBD Sublinguals

Hemp & CBD Marine

Uncle Bud’s hemp and CBD marine collagen capsules are the perfect addition to your wellness routine. Our marine collagen capsules support healthy skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.

Hemp & CBD Marine Collagen

Try Uncle Bud’s Hemp & CBD candies, gummies, and chewables for easy relaxation or a sublingual to de-stress and for pain management. Take care of your body with Hemp & CBD marine collagen soft gel capsules.

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