Miss Bud’s Hemp Oil Cream for Face Wrinkles

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Miss Bud’s Hemp Seed Oil Cream for Face Wrinkles is a powerful hemp anti-wrinkle cream that moisturizes the delicate areas of the face to help minimize the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin sagging. Tighten your face wrinkles while experiencing the range of benefits that hemp seed oil provides!

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    How To Use:

    • Directions: Gently apply Miss Bud’s Anti-Wrinkle cream to Face and Neck areas. Apply in the morning and at night after cleansing.


    1. April

      I really liked the product. It feels like your face tightens up after using it. I recommend this cream.

    2. Blake B.

      **I posted the same review on the Miss Bud’s Hemp Eye Serum because I tested them together and they’re both AMAZING

      I didn’t know what to get my girlfriend for Valentine’s day aside from flowers so a friend of mine told me to get her some beauty products. I didn’t know what brand she likes but I found Uncle/Miss Buds stuff and read a bit more about how they’re different than most companies because they use hemp seed oil which is all natural (which I like a lot) and better for you so I said why not.

      When I gave it to her she was really excited and I was actually kind of curious about it myself so we both tried it and I ABSOLUTELY loved it. My girlfriend who has tried every company and every products said instantly that this is her favorite. I myself am not into beauty products but it’s now a part of my morning and night ritual haha. It makes my face feel moisturized, nourished and just like I’m finally doing something good for it besides washing it which can make it dry.

      Like the title says, I stole the gift back from her (sorry not sorry) and ordered her another set of this bad boy duo. We’re currently waiting for a lot of the other Miss/Uncle Buds products as well because I know they’ll be a hit.

    3. Jo

      Great product. Reduced fine lines, s months skin.

    4. a2ina2

      Like another reviewer I did not like the way my skin felt after using it and applying make up. It was disappointing because it feels good after applying. But it absolutely does not moisturize. I didn’t want to give up on it so now add a drop of blackseed oil when applying with magnificent results. I get the moisturizing I need and there is a noticeable smoothness to my skin that keeps me using a product that I have to alter to make perfect. I give it 4 stars for effectiveness but you may still need a moisturizer if you have normal to dry skin.

    5. Lori Nelson

      Ok, I have not had it long enough to tell you all my wrinkles are gone, I have only had it three days but man or man I love the way my face feels. So good I jumped on and ordered two more different products to try.

    6. Josie Vargas

      I just bought this product at Kohls and have been using it for a month. This product is NOT moisturizing, but I recommend anyway. I pair it with my argan oil and the results have been great. This actually firms up the skin and adds a healthy glow. I will continue to use. It is very light weight with a very fresh light fragrance.

    7. h jeanne patterson

      i has hemp eco lips not only i use it on my lips ….forehead where their lines … in middle of my nose because there lines their as well great job …

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