What Can Hemp Be Used For?

It is hard to believe that hemp is considered to be amongst the most useful plants on earth, but it is true. Hemp is incredibly versatile and can actually be used in vastly different ways. Some interesting aspects of the hemp plant are that it is able to grow in most climates, it has an innate ability to resist common plant diseases, it grows quickly, and it has been relied upon for many centuries. Hence, the hemp plant is a fantastic renewable resource. Though the various uses for hemp have shifted throughout the years, there are still many common uses for it nowadays.


Body Care Products

For a significant period of time, many body care products relied upon toxic, synthetic ingredients. Even though hemp can be an expensive ingredient, its benefits greatly outweigh its high cost. Companies are using hemp, more and more as a replacement for the toxic chemicals because it has a naturally high EFA (essential fatty acids) content. Incorporating hemp, because of its awesome moisturizing capabilities, into various lotions, cosmetics, massage oils…etc. is especially helpful for aiding in the restoration of cracked and dry skin.


Oil Based Products

Hemp oil is a non-toxic ingredient that can be used to make oil for paint and candles. Depending on the type of hemp oil that is used in the making of candles, hemp essential oil can add a fantastic and unique fragrant smell. Previous to the 1870s, America used hemp oil for centuries as lamp oil. The oil from hemp can also be used to make an oil-based paint that is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, paint made from hemp oil has said to last longer than its competitors.


Fabrics, Clothing, And Rope

An interesting historical fact about hemp is that the first American flag was made out of hemp fibers. Before the cotton industry exploded in the United States, hemp was heavily relied upon as a common material used for making clothes and other items out of fabric. Hemp has a very similar feel to that of cotton, but it is more durable and sustainable. Historically, the Navy relied heavily upon the use of hemp. Hemp has a natural resistance to water, which made it ideal for making nets, sails, ropes, and riggings. Hemp fabric is flexible and strong, which could be one of the reasons that clothing labels such as Armani and Ralph Laurent use hemp fibers in their products.



For thousands of years, hemp was used to make paper. Hemp paper is naturally acid free, which prohibits it from disintegrating overtime. Also, because of the unique qualities of hemp paper, it will not discolor overtime nor will it become easily frayed. Currently, the most common source for paper in the United States is trees. Trees can take over thirty years to mature enough to cut them down and process them into paper. Hemp grows quickly and has the ability to regenerate to a point of harvest in months, rather than years. Using hemp to make paper can help protect wildlife as well as save forests and trees. Not only is hemp an ideal material for making paper, we can save the environment by using this smarter and more natural material.



Much like any oil based fuel alternative to gasoline, hemp oil can be used to make biofuels. Hemp fuel is an environmentally friendly fuel source. When it comes to creating fuel out of hemp, two types are commonly made. They include hemp biodiesel and hemp ethanol/ methanol. Using hemp fuel can help limit the amount of pollution in the world, as it emits less carbon monoxide.



The hemp plant is the only known plant that contains the proper mixture and proportions of all the essential fatty acids and amino acids that are required by the human body. Hemp can be used as a flour substitute by crushing hemp seeds. Hemp oil can be used as replacement oil to olive oil for dressing a salad. Hemp seeds can be eaten just like you eat any type of nut. The nutrients from hemp can help improve one’s overall health.


As described above, hemp is an incredible, natural alternative to the various toxins that we, as a society, have unfortunately become accustomed to relying upon. Its versatility and the fact that it is a safe and renewable resource contribute to its awesomeness. Even with the challenging laws surrounding the growing of hemp in America, any company that opts to use hemp instead of a man-made toxic chemical is helping to save our planet.

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