Is Hemp The Product Your Skin Needs?

Is Hemp the Product Your Skin Needs?

Ultimate Hemp Skincare Guide

The secret to healthy skin has been around for centuries. Now the wellness world has rediscovered it. Heres everything you need to know about Hemp – natures best skincare ingredient.

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What is Hemp?

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil & Your Skin

Hemp vs. Regular Skincare Products

The Benefits of Hemp Skincare

Getting Started with Hemp

Hemp plant

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant species cultivated for a variety of uses. The hemp strain of the plant is sometimes referred to as Industrial Hemp to differentiate it from the Marijuana strain of the Cannabis plant that contains THC. Industrial Hemp has much lower concentrations of THC (nearly zero) and no psychoactive effects, but it still contains many beneficial natural ingredients that people have used for many different therapeutic and medicinal applications. Products made from hemp for personal use are 100% legal to purchase in the US and in recent years have grown massively in popularity to comprise a large part of the health, wellness, and beauty industries. Hemp products made for personal use, including skincare and beauty products, are made from hemp seed oil, the natural botanical oil extracted from the seeds of the cannabis hemp plant.

Hemp Seed Oil

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is the naturally occurring botanical oil extracted from the cannabis plant. Humans discovered hemp oils therapeutic properties centuries ago and have been using it as a medicinal plant ever since. While its therapeutic properties have been known for a long time, but only recently has hemp oil been rediscovered and embraced by the wellness community to such a degree.

When the industrial strain of the cannabis plant is pressed it extracts a pale green botanical oil. Once the oil is isolated and purified its commonly called pure hemp seed oil, or industrial hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is full of beneficial organic compounds that benefit the body in multiple ways.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized the THC-free strains are safe to use, and approved hemp seed oil for over-the-counter use, which means it can be bought by anyone without special restrictions or a prescription. Hemp seed oil and the products made from it are classified as nutritional supplements and contains a unique mixture of natural plant-based compounds that combine to produce multiple therapeutic benefits, especially for the skin. Today, thousands of skincare products contain hemp oil, but what makes it so good for human skin?

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Hemp Oil & Your Skin

Hemp oil is the basic ingredient in almost all hemp skincare products.  Depending on the class of product, the hemp oil is mixed with other ingredients and all traces of THC have been removed, so there is no way to get any psychoactive effect from using a hemp skincare product. Understanding what your skin needs to be healthy is the key to knowing why hemp is such a beneficial natural skin supplement.

Your skin protects you by keeping harmful substances from entering your body. It acts as a barrier between it and the and the outside world, but its other purpose is to keep moisture from leaving your body. Your skin mostly does a great job protecting you and keeping moisture in, but the skin itself can be harmed by injury, damage, and wear.

The primary ingredient your skin needs to be healthy and do its job protecting you is moisture. Exposure to the outside world, particularly the sun, dries out your skin and weakens its ability to protect you. Prolonged exposure is also what causes the skin to lose its elasticity and wrinkles to form. Replenishing moisture is the main way to restore health to your skin, and as you might have guessed, hemp oil is a powerful and natural organic skin moisturizer.

Damage, irritation, and inflammation are the other threats to long term skin health. Microscopic damage to the skin, not just visible cuts, can accumulate and weaken the skin as it tries to repair itself. Irritation occurs when something keeps triggering the skins defensive response to foreign substances. Hemp oil contains nutrients that may help to reduce skin irritation. Inflammation is microscopic damage to the skin cells which causes them to swell and become painful. Hemp oil can be anti-inflammatory when mixed with other ingredients that may help reduce swelling, pain, and calms the skin’s response to irritants.

Essentially, most everything your skin needs to be healthy is found in a medicinal plant whose healing properties have been known for centuries. Hemp oil contains a unique mixture of natural plant-based compounds that synthetic skincare products cannot duplicate. These natural ingredients combine to produce multiple therapeutic properties for your skin, infusing it with compounds that, restore moisture, may help reduce skin inflammation, replenish vitamins, and more.

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Hemp vs. Regular Skincare Products

The multi-billion-dollar skincare industry offers thousands of products for your skin. At the end of the day, they all basically claim to do the same thing: moisturize and restore health to your skin. Skincare products made from hemp make the same claim, so which are better? How are hemp skincare products different? Do the many balms, lotions, and creams with a hemp oil base have any advantage over their traditional skincare counterparts? The short answer comes down to the basic ingredients: regular skincare products are made from synthetic moisturizing substances, hemp skincare products are made with hemp oil – a natural moisturizing oil that comes from a plant, not synthesized in a lab.

Regular skincare products contain artificial moisturizers and other synthetic chemicals that are not necessarily harmful, but they are also not natural. Hemp oil contains a unique mixture of natural plant-based compounds that produce therapeutic benefits naturally. Artificial moisturizing chemicals can’t duplicate the unique benefits of hemp and that makes all the difference.

Hemp oil is a natural moisturizer that may help replenish the natural oils and moisture in the skin. The natural fatty acids in hemp oil mimic that of our skin, and its also a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that invigorates, nourishes, and can help to slow the effects of aging on the skin.

This is the reason why hemp skincare has exploded in popularity. Now essentially every traditional skincare product has a hemp-based equivalent. Face cream, foot cream, lotions, balms, face masks, body wash – hemp beauty products compete directly with their non-hemp counterparts in every category.

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The Benefits of Hemp Skincare

Since its rediscovery as a natural skincare supplement, the wellness community embraced hemp, hemp oil, and hemp skincare as a more natural and holistic treatment for your skin. The surge in the popularity of hemp skincare coincided with the FDA recently approving hemp products for over-the-counter therapeutic use. Now skincare products made from hemp extract can be found everywhere in the health and wellness marketplace, sold by both traditional stores and online sellers.

So what exactly is inside hemp skincare products that make them so good for your skin? Pretty much everything, beginning with the oil itself. The cannabis plant is unique in how many naturally occurring therapeutic compounds it contains. Hemp oil is essentially an organic concentration of beneficial compounds like natural moisturizers, anti-inflammatories, fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and omegas. A drop of hemp oil contains multiple natural ingredients that combine to offer an amazing array of health and therapeutic benefits to various parts of your body – especially the skin. Lets take a closer look and break down the many therapeutic and health benefits of hemp skincare products.


Hemp oil is foremost a natural moisturizer that mimics the natural moisture that occurs in human skin. Hemp skincare products universally feature this natural moisturizer that deeply hydrates dry skin and restores it to health. Not only does it help keep moisture in the skin, hemp oil actually attracts moisture by drawing it to the skin.

Oily & Dry Skin

Due to its high concentration of vitamins and essential fatty acids, Hemp oil benefits both dry and oily skin simultaneously. The moisturizers and anti-inflammatories in Hemp skincare supplements work together to hydrate dry-skin conditions. On the other hand, hemp oil can help if the skin is producing too much oil, it restores the skin’s natural oil balance and may help reduces excess oil which can help with conditions like acne.


The natural anti-inflammatory compounds in the hemp oil help to reduce skin irritation, redness, and pain, promoting healthy skin at the tissue level. Many types of skin blemishes are caused by inflamed tissue and hemp oil may help lower the skin inflammation.

Sensitive Skin & Irritation

The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil skincare products are especially good for people with sensitive skin. Artificial ingredients can cause irritation because the skin reacts to foreign chemicals that don’t resemble the body’s own oils and tissues. Hemp oil is chemically similar to the oil the skin produces, especially sensitive skin, and it is the only vegetable oil that is good for all skin types.

Antioxidants, Amino Acids & Omegas

The skin needs specific nutrients to be healthy and most important among these are antioxidants, amino acids, and omegas. Antioxidants slow damage to the skin caused by free radicals – unstable molecules your body produces. Amino acids are vital for functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair, and nutrient absorption. Omegas are helpful “good” fats your body needs for proper function. Hemp oil-based skincare products contain an ideal balance of antioxidants, amino acids, and the 3 essential omegas your body needs Omega-6, Omega-3, and Omega-9.

Vitamin E

Hemp oil also contains high levels of Vitamin E, the most important of the “letter” vitamins for skin health. Vitamin E is a collector of free radicals which you often find in UV rays and pollution. Free radicals produce signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. When used topically, Vitamin E may reduce skin damage caused by free radicals and even help protect skin from further damage. Because hemp oil has such high levels of Vitamin E, the primary vitamin skin needs to be healthy, it is the ideal natural ingredient to combat skin damage and aging.

Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkles

As your skin ages, it loses its elasticity which is the primary cause of wrinkles. Hemp oil acts as an emollient to smooth skin’s surface and restore elasticity, helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Restoring moisture and elasticity helps the skin appear more youthful, smoother, and healthier.

Gentle Cleanser & Purifier

Regular skincare products often contain artificial detergents like soap that strip away skins moisture. Hemp oil cleanses the skin of dirt, bacteria, and impurities without stripping away moisture, making it an ideal cleansing agent for sensitive skin that needs moisture, like the skin on your face. Hemp oil skin supplements designed for cleansing, like face washes, wash away impurities all while hydrating and nourishing your skin.

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Getting Started With Hemp

By now it should be clear that Hemp is the product your skin needs, and the best place to begin is with a trusted hemp skincare brand that uses premium hemp oil and the finest ingredients to craft their skincare products.

Uncle Buds Hemp specializes in hemp-based skincare and beauty products, using the purest, potent, and nutrient-rich hemp oil available, created in an FDA-registered lab. Uncle Buds skincare uses a proprietary formula of pure hemp seed oil combined with other therapeutic oils and ingredients for maximum therapeutic benefits for your skin. Each of Uncle Buds hemp skincare products is crafted to provide advanced moisturizing and nourishing treatment for a healthy complexion and beautiful skin.

The next step is to try some hemp skincare products. A great place to start is Uncle Buds Hemp Product Quiz. This interactive quiz will help you find the perfect skincare products for you. Try it out here:

Ultimate Guide to Hemp Skincare Quiz

Uncle Bud’s Hemp has built its reputation on creating and selling high-quality, pure, premium Hemp-derived products. Our Hemp and CBD products are lab tested to ensure purity, potency, and quality.

The CBD content in milligrams is listed on every product label. While we can ensure the purity and maximum-strength potency of our proprietary CBD oil, we make no medical or therapeutic claims on any CBD product. Uncle Bud’s avoids medical or therapeutic claims in order to maintain complete integrity, transparency, and trust with our customers.

All Uncle Bud’s Hemp products are proudly made in the USA.

Disclaimer: articles are intended to provide helpful and informative content about the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil and CBD products.  Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. Nothing you read here should be relied upon to determine a course of treatment for any medical issue. All content found on the Website, including text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. Uncle Buds makes no claims as to the medical efficacy of any products. The site and its content are provided on an “as is” basis.

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