Who doesn’t love an awesome massage? Not only does the use of hemp massage body oil maintain a huge amount of physical benefits, but hemp essential oil also carries a beautiful aromatic scent. When you get a good massage, you want the feeling of relaxation to be carried with you long after it is over. Using hemp oil to enhance your massage can definitely help with this. Hemp oil works with your body’s natural oils to enrich them, instead of stripping them. Hemp oil has a multitude of benefits that will most definitely take your awesome massage to an even higher level of relaxation.

Moisturizing Hemp Oil

Some of the great benefits of hemp oil are its high levels of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) and its rich essential fatty acids (EFA) content. The GLA in your body works by regulating the sebum production (the oily substance secreted by your glands) in your system. Having the proper balance of gamma-linoleic acid in your system will help yield an ideal skin texture. For example, if your sebum production is too high you may have oily skin. Similarly, if it is too low your skin may be dry. Hemp oil works with your body’s natural GLA content to help adjust the production of sebum to reach an optimal level. Hemp oil can, therefore, be useful for any type of skin, be it oily or dry, or anywhere in between.

The essential fatty acids that are part of hemp oil are a unique combination, unlike any other vegetable oil in the world. The combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids helps to promote the oxygenation of the skin and increase its hydration. This component of hemp oil will leave your skin feeling perfectly moisturized and conditioned long after your massage.

Helps Stimulate Relaxation

Depending on the type of massage you opt for, a massage can work out knots, kinks, and aches in your body. Another benefit to hemp oil is that can help to increase blood circulation. If you are trying to release tension that you have been holding somewhere in your body, the increase in blood circulation can aid in the reduction and removal of the gathered tension. Hemp oil has been said to help stimulate relaxation. This can obviously enhance your massage experience, as you sink even deeper into relaxation with the help of hemp oil.

Hemp Oil’s Anti-inflammatory Agent

Hemp oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent. Its uniquely nourishing qualities can help to repair damaged skin cells while also protecting healthy skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties, hemp oil can help to reduce the visible symptoms associated with rosacea (a common skin disease that manifests as noticeable redness of one’s skin). Hemp oil sinks deep into each layer of the skin and nourishes the skin on a cellular level.

Hemp oil has an excellent absorption rate. In terms of a massage, this is fantastic because it means that a little amount of hemp oil goes a long way. There is no need to glob on lotion or squirt out a whole bottle of other massage oil, because hemp oil dries slowly, spreads easily, and has a smooth texture. Hemp oil won’t result in you feeling greasy, oily, or sticky like other lotions and oils. By using hemp oil during your massage you will leave not only relaxed but with a beautiful dewy glow to your skin and moisture that will last all day.

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