The Skin Care Benefits of Using Hemp Soap

Hemp soap comes in many forms, and is becoming a major trend in many hygiene routines across the nation. The benefits of hemp oil, mixed with other skin-nurturing ingredients, make for a powerful soap that cleans your skin, feels fresh, and smells great. However, there are many benefits of hemp soap that even the most frequent users don’t realize. 

There are various reasons why you might be tempted to try hemp based products, and you might be curious about the properties of hemp seed oil. In this post, we discuss the various reasons why choosing hemp soap can be beneficial to the health of your skin, and be a great addition to your routine of personal hygiene/sanitization.  

Benefits of Hemp Soap

1. Moisturization

Hemp soap is a great moisturizer that serves two purposes: it promotes moderate oil production in your skin to deter skin dryness, and also contains fatty acids that prevent the loss of moisture from your skin. Many hemp soaps are also paired with hyaluronic acids, or other humectants, which are skin moisturizers that occur in your body. 

2. Skin Cleansing

Depending on the type of soap you are using, hemp soap can be an extremely effective cleanser for your skin. Some soaps are made specifically to be used in the shower or bath, while others like hemp hand soaps are used specifically for hand-washing. As long as the soap contains hemp oil and other cleansing ingredients, you can wash away germs just as you would with any other soap, without the risk of drying out your skin. 

3. Gentle Skin Exfoliation

Hemp seed oil is great for skin exfoliation, and can unclog dirt, grime, and other substances that can cause acne breakouts and face pimples. Hemp soaps can be used to rid any unnatural substances, leaving your skin fresh and glowing. However, unlike many soaps that contain harsh chemicals, hemp soaps are known for the ability to exfoliate the skin without ridding your body of the natural oils it produces. 

4. Non-Irritant

Hemp seed oil occurs naturally in the hemp plant, so using hemp soap is normally a comfortable experience for most people (you should consult with a medical professional if you believe you may be allergic to hemp seed oil). Other soaps tend to use chemicals that are harsh on the skin, causing irritation and sometimes even skin rashes. As long as these chemicals are not added to the soap you are using, you should find that using hemp soap will result in a non-irritating, pleasant cleansing experience. 

5. Alleviates Skin Irritation

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil, hemp soaps are often used to alleviate the skin when skin rashes and dryness occurs. This helps with the irritation that occurs with dry skin, as well as itchiness that comes with many skin rashes. However, if you have an undiagnosed skin rash, you should avoid putting any substance on the rash before consulting with a dermatologist. 

Hemp Soap: Conclusion

Hemp soaps have many uses, from hand sanitization to skin exfoliation, and can make a great addition to your hemp skin care routine. There is a wide variety of soaps available on the market, so try out a couple of soaps based on your specific skin care needs (and of course, make sure you are comfortable with the scent).Before using a hemp seed-oil based product, ensure that you are not allergic to hemp seed oil or any other hemp based products. When used properly, the benefits of hemp soap can lead to clean, healthy skin that you can be confident about! 

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