Using Hemp Oil for Dogs – What Makes It a Great Grooming Product?

Many dogs hate grooming sessions, and unless you’re one of the luckier dog parents, chances are that each visit to the salon is a nerve-wracking experience for you both. Your dog is going to express their discomfort and unease very obviously. Although groomers are well-trained in calming an anxious puppy, you could consider other options to make the session less stressful. In recent times, using hemp oil for dogs during grooming is recognized as a solution by many. Here’s some information you might find interesting.

Allergies and Sore Skin Can Make Grooming Painful

Dogs who have skin conditions like hot spots, allergies,  and dry, irritated skin are particularly sensitive to chemical cleansing agents. Switching to hemp dog shampoo is a good option since hemp seed oil contains an ideal balance of ingredients like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. 

These anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe and calm irritations and allergies, leaving the coat looking lustrous and shiny. Once your little buddy comes to associate grooming with feelings of relaxation and relieve itching, they’ll readily come in for their sessions.

Hemp Oil Salves Soothe Cracked and Dry Paws

Walking on all kinds of terrain like hard concrete, pebbles, and uneven pathways damages the soft pads of the little guy’s feet. You might notice your dog licking their paws or walking with one foot lifted off the ground. Cracks, bruises, and dry skin are painful and could be one reason why your puppy hates having their nails trimmed. Use hemp oil salves to hydrate damaged pads and heal the skin. The next nail-trimming session won’t be such a problem.

Replace Store-Bought Products with Hemp Dog Shampoo

Conventional store-bought shampoos typically contain different chemicals that could cause allergies and adverse reactions. Hemp dog shampoo is made with ingredients without harmful detergents, dyes, and dryness-causing agents. 

Like the human scalp, dog skins have cannabinoid receptors that react with the CBD oils. The wonderful scents leave the little guy smelling and looking great. In addition to shampoo, you can also invest in a conditioner and deodorizer containing hemp oil for a perfect finish.

Check with the Vet Before Using Hemp Oil Products

Should you start to search around for the best hemp oil for dogs, you’ll learn that CBD oil products are available in a wide range of actual CBD content. At the lower end, the product may contain anywhere from 50mg to 150mg going all the way to the upward range of 1,100mg per ounce. 

The higher the CBD content, the stronger will be the effects on your four-legged pup. For this reason, you might want to check with the vet and look for recommendations about the appropriate dosage. 

Choose the Right Hemp Oil for Dogs

In addition to milligrams, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of cannabinoids on the hemp oil products. The extraction processes can influence the purity of the CBD composition. CBD isolates are known to be the best choice since the refining process eliminates unnecessary components and leaves behind only CBD molecules and their desired effects. 

A grooming session need not be a terrifying, traumatic, and painful experience for your furry friend. Consider switching to safe products that are good for the canine skin and won’t cause any adverse effects and allergic reactions. Try a hemp oil-infused shampoo and conditioner for a healthy, shiny coat.

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