CBD Face Masks: How Do They Work?

With all of the hype around CBD, one product has been at the forefront of beauty and skin care regimens recently, and for good reason. CBD face masks are trending across the nation because of the potential benefits of CBD, as well as other ingredients that are added to the face masks to promote skin health. In this guide, we discuss the benefits of CBD face masks, and the finer points of how CBD face masks aid in your skin care routine. 

First Thing’s First: What is CBD? 

Before we discuss CBD face masks, you may be wondering, what is CBD? CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is the second most prevalent chemical component in cannabis behind THC, and is a non-psychoactive component. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, a close relative of the cannabis plant. The two plants are used and harvested for different reasons, with hemp being used for a wider range of industrial purposes.

CBD is a widely debated topic, both in the medical sector and the economic sector. In recent years, CBD has been added to many products based on claims of the benefits of the component, and has been heavily regulated by the government. While CBD products are still sold regularly, CBD is still in its infancy, and has a long way to go before industry and medical experts can accurately make claims about the health benefits of CBD.  

Types of CBD Face Masks

While all CBD face masks contain some dosage of CBD, not all CBD face masks are the same. The difference between the masks will be heavily dependent on the additional ingredients added, which have their own skin care benefits. Some common types of CBD face masks being sold on the market right now are: 

  • CBD detoxifying face masks – Detoxifying face masks contain ingredients that clean up pores, while hydrating the skin to promote a healthy glow. 
  • Hemp enzyme face masks – Enzyme face masks use fruit-derived enzymes, as well as a blend of vitamins, to promote the health of skin. 
  • CBD collagen face masks – Collagen face masks are one of the most common face masks on the market, and this stays true in the CBD face mask niche. Collagen face masks are used to promote skin elasticity, while also washing pores to prevent breakouts.
  • Hemp blue light face masks – Blue light face masks are a relatively newer type of face mask, and are used to combat the harmful light rays from TVs, computer screens, phones, and other digital screens. 

There are an endless amount of face masks out there, and not every mask will be right for you. Try out a couple of CBD face masks, and determine which mask gives you the most benefit for your dollar. 

Benefits of CBD Face Masks

While claims about CBD are heavily disputed by the government and medical experts, the benefits of a face mask will heavily depend on the type of face mask you choose. Some of the most important benefits of CBD face masks include: 

  1. Skin Health: Many CBD face masks include multivitamins and other ingredients that are proven to benefit the health of your skin. 
  2. Skin Elasticity: Components like collagen, when added to CBD face masks, may help promote skin elasticity and can help with common facial wrinkles.
  3. Skin Protection: Face masks, such as the blue light face mask, contain ingredients that help protect your skin from harmful outside factors. 

There are many other benefits to a wide variety of face masks not included, and as mentioned, these benefits will depend on the type of face mask you choose. Choose a face mask that promotes the skin you are trying to achieve. 


Things to Consider When Choosing a Face Mask

If you are ready to try out a CBD face mask, there are several things you should consider to choose the right one. Before you implement these face masks into your skin care routine, you should determine these factors: 

  • What skin care problem am I trying to solve? – As mentioned, different face masks have different properties, and not every face mask will be right for you. Identify the skin care problem you are trying to solve and look for face masks that include ingredients that will aid in providing a solution to the problem. Some issues may require additional help to completely resolve your skincare problem, like CBD eye serums
  • Directions, Disclaimers, and Warnings – Reading the directions, disclaimers, and warnings is always best practice, no matter the product. This information can provide you with the best way to use the face mask, allergy warnings, and problems that other people have experienced while using the mask. 
  • Shelf life – Ensuring you use the face mask in a timely manner means you will not be wasting your money. Many face masks lose potency as time goes on, and consulting with the manufacturer to determine the shelf life of your face mask can ensure your mask is not wasted. 

CBD face masks are not for everyone, but thousands of people have implemented them into their regular skin care routines over the years. If you have decided to give these face masks a try, be sure to consider the factors we have outlined in this guide, and always follow the directions given by the CBD supplier. Given the right mask, you might just determine that these face masks are the missing link in your daily skin care regimen!


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The CBD content in milligrams is listed on every product label. While we can ensure the purity and maximum-strength potency of our proprietary CBD oil, we make no medical or therapeutic claims on any CBD product. Uncle Bud’s avoids medical or therapeutic claims in order to maintain complete integrity, transparency, and trust with our customers.

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