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The key ingredients for amazing antibacterial solutions that won’t dry out your skin.

What makes a good antibacterial self-care product?

Antibacterial, Hemp & Your Skin

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What makes a good antibacterial self-care product?

Even before COVID elevated the importance of antibacterial measures and products, antibacterial hand sanitizers, soaps, and lotions were popular personal hygiene products because they are effective in killing most germs and bacteria. The key ingredient in most antibacterial healthcare products like hand sanitizer is isopropyl alcohol – it’s the active ingredient that kills the bacteria and two specific kinds of alcohol are recognized by health experts to be most effective at eliminating germs.

The CDC recommends hand sanitizers with at least 60% ethanol and 70% isopropanol (the two types of alcohol and active ingredients in alcohol-based hand sanitizers) to kill many types of bacteria and reduce the spread of viral pathogens. Now many health products for personal use contain antibacterial compounds including alcohol. Medical experts have emphasized the importance of personal hygiene and antibacterial personal care products to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. The health and beauty industries have responded by creating antibacterial versions of many different products. However antibacterial ingredients like alcohol can dehydrate your skin and strip away one of its most important components – moisture.

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Antibacterial, Hemp & Your Skin

While alcohol is effective at killing many types of germs, it’s also hard on your skin. Alcohol is a desiccant, meaning after it evaporates from your skin it can strip away moisture and dry it out. Frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and other bacterial products can dry out the skin. To counteract the drying effects of alcohol, some over-the-counter hand sanitizers add artificial moisturizers to replenish some of the lost moisture that the alcohol strips away. Artificial moisturizers are not necessarily harmful, but they are also not natural, they are synthetic chemicals. Hemp Antibacterial products instead add a unique ingredient to antibacterial sanitizers – hemp seed oil.

You may not know that some antibacterial sanitizers are made from hemp seed oil, the basic ingredient in all hemp skincare products. Pure hemp seed oil is a botanical, or plant-based oil extracted from the seed of the hemp plant, a plant known for its therapeutic properties for the skin. The artificial moisturizers found in antibacterial sanitizer lotions do not contain the unique mixture of plant-based compounds that hemp seed oil does.

Hemp seed oil contains many skin-nourishing ingredients and natural moisturizers that work to protect your skin and restore the moisture that alcohol strips away. Also, hemp seed oil does not dilute the alcohol’s ability to kill bacteria and germs.

When it comes to hemp antibacterial products versus regular over-the-counter antibacterial products, it all comes down to alcohol and moisturizers. All antibacterial have germ-killing alcohol, but regular antibacterial products contain artificial moisturizers or none at all. Only hemp antibacterial solutions contain hemp seed oil – a rich, moisturizing, botanical oil that comes from a plant, not synthesized in a lab. Antibacterial self-care and personal hygiene products made from hemp oil replenish moisture, restore health and infuse your skin with essential vitamins, omegas, and other beneficial compounds.

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Uncle Bud’s Hemp Antibacterial Solutions

The germ-killing power of alcohol combines with the skin moisturizing benefits of hemp seed oil in Uncle Bud’s line of premium hemp-based antibacterial solutions, a family of hemp-healthy products designed to protect your family and pamper your skin. Using purified health grade alcohol as the active antibacterial ingredient, plus a proprietary blend of pure hemp seed oil and other skin-benefiting ingredients, each antibacterial solution is designed to kill harmful bacterial while also restoring moisture to your skin.

Uncle Bud’s hemp antibacterial products are formulated with 70% ethyl alcohol which kills up to 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria without drying out your hands. Here’s a closer look at our family of Hemp antibacterial solutions:

Hand SanitizerHemp Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Uncle Bud’s best-selling hemp hand sanitizer is designed to protect against germs and bacteria with a powerful ethyl alcohol base combined with pure hemp seed oil and other ingredients to cleanse, protect and moisturize your hands. The premium unscented sanitizer evaporates quickly and won’t dry out your hands.

This Hemp Hand Sanitizer combines the moisturizing and skin-benefiting properties of pure hemp seed oil with an alcohol-based antibacterial sanitizer. The 70% alcohol concentration kills up to 99.99% of bacteria without drying out your hands and helps protect against the spread of bacteria-borne illness.

When you use Uncle Bud’s Hemp Hand Sanitizer, you get the germ-killing power of an FDA-registered, CDC-recommended 70% ethyl alcohol sanitizer, plus all the therapeutic, skin-moisturizing benefits of our premium hemp seed oil blend. Our proprietary blend of hemp seed oil is ideal for all skin types, wrapping your skin in moisture and infusing it with healthy skin supplements like Omegas and Vitamins A, D, and E.

Uncle Bud's Hemp LotionHemp Antibacterial Hand & Body Lotion

The alcohol in many over-the-counter antibacterial skin products can dry out your skin. It can kill the germs but also strips away critical moisture which results in dry skin, especially on the hands and feet.

Uncle Bud’s Antibacterial Hand & Body Moisturizing lotion delivers antibacterial ingredients formulated to kill up to 99.99% of germs, but it also delivers a potent mix of moisture-restoring compounds including our skin-nourishing help seed oil blend.

When you use this premium, hemp seed oil-infused antibacterial lotion, you will deeply hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate your skin while effectively killing any bacteria on your skin. Our antibacterial lotion has a light lemongrass and agave scent and will leave your skin soft, supple, moisturized, and germ-free. 

Disinfecting SprayAntibacterial Multi-Surface Disinfecting Spray

The surfaces around your house often contain the highest concentrations of germs and bacteria. Disinfecting household surfaces with an alcohol-based disinfectant cleaner is the most effective way to kill the bacteria that live on your counters, tables, floors, and bathrooms. Along with an antibacterial sanitizer, using an antibacterial surface cleaner is one of the best strategies to protect your home and family from common household germs and bacteria in the post-COVID era.

Uncle Bud’s Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Disinfecting Spray is a powerful cleaner and germ-killer, containing an 80% Ethyl Alcohol base which is scientifically formulated to kill up to 99.9% of most of the bacteria which collect on the surfaces of your home. This anti-bacterial disinfecting spray can be used to clean any surface in your home and is ideal for use on multiple surfaces including wood, tile, glass, mirrors, and metal. The light and clean citrus scent will leave areas you clean smelling fresh.

SoapAntibacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap

Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is recognized as a good way to kill common bacteria and germs. Another effective strategy is regular hand washing with an antibacterial soap. However, repeated hand washing and sanitizing is hard on your skin, stripping away moisture and leaving your hands dry and chapped.

Uncle Bud’s Hemp Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap is specially formulated to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria on your hands, but also delivers skin-nourishing moisturizers like hemp seed oil to replenish the moisture that hand washing and hand sanitizing can strip away. Combining Uncle Bud’s three antibacterial hand products together, Hemp Hand Sanitizers, Moisturizing Hand Soap, and  Hemp Hand & Body Lotion, is an effective way to kill bacteria present on your hands without drying out your skin. Our premium antibacterial hand soap has a light South Pacific Breeze scent and is ideal for all skin types.

Uncle Bud’s Hemp has built its reputation on creating and selling high-quality, pure, premium Hemp-derived products. Our Hemp and CBD products are lab tested to ensure purity, potency, and quality.

The CBD content in milligrams is listed on every product label. While we can ensure the purity and maximum-strength potency of our proprietary CBD oil, we make no medical or therapeutic claims on any CBD product. Uncle Bud’s avoids medical or therapeutic claims in order to maintain complete integrity, transparency, and trust with our customers.

All Uncle Bud’s Hemp products are proudly made in the USA.


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