What are Transdermal CBD patches and when should I use them?

What are Transdermal CBD Patches?

All about Transdermal patches, the amazing new way to get CBD.


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What are Transdermal CBD patches?

The Transdermal Administration Route

When should I use transdermal CBD patches?

Where should I put transdermal patches on my body?

Transdermal CBD patch product guide

What are Transdermal CBD Patches

What are Transdermal CBD Patches?

Transdermal CBD patches use an old but proven effective medical administration technique to deliver CBD, the popular newcomer to the self-care community, to the body. Transdermal patches are a new but effective way to deliver a steady and continuous supply of CBD to the bloodstream allowing its effects to occur over an extended period, up to 48 hours.

Transdermal patches as a way to administer medications have existed for decades. Many people became first aware of transdermal patches when Nicotine patches became a popular therapy to quit smoking, but transdermal treatments have long existed as a way of administering a steady and consistent dose of medicine over time. The technique is no different when CBD is the main ingredient. Transdermal patches allow Cannabidiol (CBD) to be steadily administered over an extended time period, creating a long-lasting effect that does not fluctuate in intensity nor lose potency over time.

Transdermal CBD patches are used the same way as all transdermal therapy patches – they are adhered to the skin on various locations of the body. The patch delivers a steady infusion of CBD not just to the immediate area, but throughout the bloodstream for a very long-lasting treatment phase. After the administration time period has elapsed, the old patch can be replaced with a new one if further use is desired. Due to the steady but continuous administration method of transdermal patches, there is no way to get too much or too little CBD – they are always the “right” amount of CBD treatment, as the amount of CBD (in milligrams) contained in each patch is listed on the packaging.

Uncle Bud’s 20mg CBD Transdermal Patch


The Transdermal Administration Route

When you take a pill the medicine must travel through your digestive system and the ingredients must be absorbed by the stomach and small intestine before entering the bloodstream. This is called the oral administration route and it’s the most-used way to take medication. Taking medication and other supplements orally is an easy and effective way to administer medication, but there is a delay, usually about 30 minutes or more before the body absorbs the ingredients and you begin to “feel” its effects. Depending on the medication the effects wear off after a time, and most oral medications cease to be effective after 8 to 12 hours.

Injecting medication directly into the bloodstream delivers the fastest results, taking effect almost immediately. In medical settings injections are the preferred administration method for many reasons, speed being foremost among them. Injecting a medicine or supplement is used only when immediate potency is needed, as it is an invasive and slightly painful administration method that most people are not comfortable with, especially for elective wellness therapies. Though its effects are immediate and potent, the efficacy of injections are known to lessen quickly, making them less useful for prolonged or continuous treatments.

The skin is the route with transdermal administration methods. Rather than piercing the skin with an injection, transdermal therapies use a patch infused with the active ingredients placed on top of the skin. This slowly but steadily absorbs the ingredients inside the patch, delivering them to the small blood vessels called capillaries directly under the outermost layer of skin. This absorption method is not only consistent but surprisingly potent, as the skin is an efficient absorber of whatever covers its surface. Adhesives hold the transdermal patch in place, allowing the active ingredients to be continuously absorbed by the skin until they are gone. This process takes days or more, all the while delivering the medication, supplement, or therapy. 

CBD is a perfect candidate for transdermal administration. People who use CBD for recovery or other reasons often prefer a consistent dose of Cannabidiol over time instead of a brief burst of CBD therapy. When CBD is infused into a transdermal patch it behaves like other types of transdermal therapies – administering a steady, reliable, and consistent supply of CBD to the bloodstream with no drop in potency until the therapy is completed. Transdermal CBD patches are ideal for anyone who prefers extended CBD therapy over the longest time period possible. Finally, transdermal therapy is among the safest ways to administer supplements as there is no way to “overdose” or get too much (or too little) of the desired ingredients. Plus it’s one of the least invasive ways to take therapeutic supplements, being a small unobtrusive patch placed on the skin.

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When should I use Transdermal CBD patches?

When you use a transdermal CBD patch depends on the release window of the therapy. Uncle Bud’s transdermal CBD patches have a 48-hour extended-release period, so plan on 2 days of wearing the patch to get the maximum benefit of the long-lasting CBD infusion. Transdermal patches go to work while you sleep, so applying one before bedtime begins the treatment with an 8-hour release period depending on how long of a night’s sleep you get. Using before bedtime allows a full night of treatment for the next day – useful if you are expecting a busy or physically demanding day.

Another good time to use a transdermal patch is immediately following a workout, physical activity, or simply at the day’s end when you are ready to unwind. Applying the patch soon after rigorous physical activity allows the CBD to infuse your joints and muscles to assist in post-workout recovery. Whenever you choose to apply a transdermal CBD patch, it’s important to leave it on for the full period, as the purpose of such patches are to deliver a steady supply of the main ingredient over time. Removing the patch early interrupts the therapy and wastes the remaining CBD infusion if it is not re-applied.

Uncle Bud’s 35mg CBD Transdermal Patch

CBD Patch

Where should I put transdermal patches on my body?

If you are focusing on a specific body part for transdermal CBD therapy, you’ll intuitively know where to put the patch. The patch should be placed onto dry skin directly over the part of the body you want most intensely targeted by the CBD infusion. Apply the patch anywhere on your body where you want focused CBD therapy on your back, knees, arms, shoulders, hips, ankles, or over specific muscles or joints.

Alternatively, if you aren’t treating a specific body part, and instead want a generalized holistic (whole-body) CBD therapy, place the patch in an unobtrusive area that doesn’t move a lot and is covered by your clothing, such as your stomach or upper arm.

If the transdermal patch falls off before the treatment period is completed, simply reapply it. Transdermal patches are made with strong, long-lasting adhesives designed for rigorous movement, so patches can usually be removed and repositioned as needed. As with any treatment applied to the skin, do not use it on injured or broken skin, and discontinue the treatment if irritation occurs.

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Transdermal CBD patch product guide

Uncle Bud’s has created a line of premium transdermal CBD patches that provide continuous infusion of our proprietary CBD formula. The easy-to-use, fast-acting Transdermal CBD patches are available in two different sizes/dosages and use skin-safe medical adhesive to resist peeling off or coming loose.

Uncle Bud’s transdermal CBD patches use medical grade hydrogel. The high-quality hydrogel is 25% water to help to soften the skin and open pores for maximum transdermal absorption. The Hydrogel combined with our advanced nano-emulsifying technology allows for a more efficient delivery of CBD for a more immediate, potent, and prolonged period. The patches are easily repositionable to other areas without any loss of adhesion.

Uncle Bud’s transdermal patches are exceptionally potent and long-lasting, delivering a maximum strength CBD infusion over a 48-hour extended-release period.

Uncle Bud’s 20mg CBD Transdermal Patch 

CBD Patch 20m

Uncle Bud’s 35mg CBD Transdermal Patch

CBD Patch 34

Uncle Bud’s Hemp has built its reputation on creating and selling high-quality, pure, premium Hemp-derived products. Our Hemp and CBD products are lab tested to ensure purity, potency, and quality.

The CBD content in milligrams is listed on every product label. While we can ensure the purity and maximum-strength potency of our proprietary CBD oil, we make no medical or therapeutic claims on any CBD product. Uncle Bud’s avoids medical or therapeutic claims in order to maintain complete integrity, transparency, and trust with our customers.

All Uncle Bud’s Hemp products are proudly made in the USA.


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